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Enjoy Tutorix without Internet

If you have already activated your Tutorix Membership then you can buy Micro SD - Card or Lenovo 7" Tab at extra cost to enjoy Tutorix without internet connection.

  • A separate Micro SD-Card is required for each class.
  • Lenovo Tab will be loaded with a single Micro SD-Card for the selected class.
  • Micro SD-Card and Lenovo tab can be delivered with in India only.
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Tutorix provides a perfect solution for your school. Make it part of your students study kit and same time give a fantastic tool to your teachers for effective classroom teaching for a guaranteed improved result at amazingly low price.

  • Play HD Videos in your classroom TV to explain complex subject in easy way.
  • A centralized dashboard for the teachers to check students performance.
  • Various performance reports including top performers and low performers.

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If your are not sure before activating your membership then register for free which gives you access on limited functionality ot Tutorix forever to experience it's amazing videos, text notes and quizzes for all the classes.

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