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Tutorix Tuition Centre, Greater Noida

Tutorix aims to provide accessible and quality education in Maths & Science for students of 6th-12th & prep aspirants with the right foundation for IIT/JEE & NEET.

Our Noida Tuition Centre provides the right infrastructure and environment ensuring every student gets individual attention & understands concepts. This helps improve a student's performance & build his/her confidence.

Our learning program is designed to improve every child’s performance in the class by providing him/her with result-oriented guidance for concept clarification. This includes doubt-solving and personalized attention for good marks or scores in assessments or exams.

What Does Tutorix Teach?

The Tutorix curriculum covers the complete NCERT and other syllabus for positive results in CBSE, ICSE and Other Boards as well as competitive examinations. Our mentors ensure quality classroom training.

This includes immersive & interactive learning, tech-enabled pedagogy, logical thinking, quantitative reasoning, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

CBSE learning app

Why Choose Us?

  • Self-paced learning supported by experienced and trained classroom faculty from premium IIT/NIT institutions.
  • 2D/3D visuals that provide the best conceptual descriptions and illustrations for a better understanding of concepts.
  • Well-researched high-quality study materials, quizzes, and mock tests to help practice to perfection.
  • State-of-the-art classrooms for offline tuitions that offer intensive in-class practice sessions.
  • Intensive in-class practice sessions and doubt-solving sessions in the classroom.
  • A self-learning app that also provides analysis and progress tracking to reach goals faster.

Tutorix Tuition Centre

Noida Tuition Center
Noida Tuition Center
Noida Tuition Center
Noida Tuition Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Tutorix Tuition Centre, Noida, is located on the 9th Floor of Om Tower B-5, Alpha 1 Commercial Belt, in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201308.

Tutorix has a simple enrolment procedure. One can enroll with us by simply entering the required details on the above-given enquiry form.

We offer packages as per the classes/grades of students to ensure personalized, effective, and affordable learning.

Call / WhatsApp to +91 8750017534   or   +91 9355107107 to enquire.

Offline classes take place between 10 am–7:30 pm. Students, however, can learn and revise from our app at any time they want.

  • Personalized attention to every student
  • Interactive learning with peers
  • Learning-friendly environment & infrastructure
  • IIT/JEE & NEET foundation classes
  • Tech infrastructure for easy learning
  • Students attend face-to-face classroom sessions
  • Dual teachers to clarify the concepts
  • All the doubts are resolved by the class teacher
  • Practice to perfection with the help of quizzes and mock tests
  • Online self-practice through the Tutorix Learning App
  • Analyse and track your progress

We offer high-quality study material including notes and tutorial videos for conceptual understanding. Students also get access to the Tutorix App which gives them the option of studying and revising at home with the help of video tutorials, quizzes, and mock tests. We cover the complete NCERT syllabus for core subjects of maths & science. The App also generates reports to help students and parents continuously track progress.

Yes, students will be able to access the Tutorix App to study and track their learning progress.

Yes, Tutorix provides top-notch foundation classes for IIT/JEE or NEET aspirants.

Yes, there is a 30-day window in which if you are not satisfied with the instructors or content at Tutorix Tuition Center, you can request for a refund.