Aadya D
Asked on 5th Apr, 2021

With the help of suitable diagrams, explain the various steps of budding in Hydra.

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Ankita Khemka
Answered on 14th Apr, 2021

Hydra is an animal with tentacles. It has a small outgrowth called bud on one side of its body by repetitive mitotic division.

(i) During budding, a small bulb-like projection known as the bud develops on the body of the parent organism.

(ii) The bud continues to grow on the parent until it develops and matures into a miniature adult.

(iii) After complete maturation, the bud pinches off from the parent's body and attains the ability to develop independently. The new Hydra detaches itself from its parent and starts living as a separate organism.

(iv) This bud gradually grows into a full hydra, developing its mouth and tentacles.