How we make your
Math & Science
Learning fun filled
and effective

Unlimited access to all the classes anytime

Tutorix subscription gives you unlimited access to more than 1000 HD videos, text notes, quizzes and mock tests to study Maths & Science for any class any time using Desktop, Laptop, Mobile Phone or any other device.

So apart from studying your current class, you can switch to your previous class to revisit your old concepts or you can study your next class in advance which many students usually do.

Fun filled learning through high quality Audio & Video

No more boring heavy text books to learn Maths & Science. Tutorix gives you the best possible 2D and 3D visuals along with real life examples, live activities, engaging music.

Learning through visuals gives you crystal clear understanding on complex concepts and you start loving those concepts which were becoming nightmares for you.

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Clear, crisp and to the point text notes for quick revision

We have added clear, crisp and to the point text notes along with every concept video which helps you revise your concept with your own pace at the time of exams.

We have explained all the concepts using simple and easy to understand language and removed all the complexities.

Practice to perfection using quizzes and mock tests

Every single concept is accompanying with interactive quizzes to help you check the level of your understanding about the concept.

Once you complete a chapter which comprises a number of videos, you attempt various mock tests to check the overall learning about the whole concept and practice to perfection.

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performance tool

Analyze your progress and performance at every step

Your learning is incomplete until you measure it. Tutorix comes with intelligent tools to measure your learning progress and performance.

Progress gives you detail about how much time you have devoted on every subject including Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology where as performance tells you how good you have performed in those subjects.

Tutorix suggests about your improvement areas and encourage you to revisit the concept until you understand every minor detail of the concept.

Great tools to optimize your learning

Custom Notes – Create your own text notes and save them for future reference.

Bookmarks – Bookmark your important concepts which you want to revisit in future for further detail.

Completion Mark – Once you have good understanding on the concept, you can mark it to completion.

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doubts clearing app

Ask your doubts, we are happy to help our students

You are getting stuck at any point, no worries, just raise your doubt anytime and our SMEs are ready to help you to ensure everything is crystal clear and you give a great performance in your exams.

Doubt clearing service is complimentary to our students and we do not charge anything extra for this service, though you can ask as many questions as you like.

Easy to use and Engaging User Interface

One of the greatest features of Tutorix is that you can access it using any devices including Desktops, Laptops, iOS Devices, and Android Devices.

You can also do screen casting and screen sharing from Tutorix Mobile Apps.

Tutorix comes with intuitive User Interface which needs almost zero learning and keeps students engaged for longer period.

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